Care is the cornerstone of our practice.

Building Your Health & Safety Team

Reduce the number of accidents and injuries in your business.
With our work safety management practice accreditation.
Injuries cost your business more than you realise  through business disruption, cost of sick pay and temporary staff replacement.

How a Physio can be part of your health and safety team?

Physiotherapists are your ergonomic and rehabilitation experts and your go to professional when you need to create behavioural change in health and safety. We know the body and the effects of posture, movement patterns (the good the bad and the ugly) on the body and we can assess every work place to give you an individual plan.

Why you need recority physiotherapy?

Every business is unique which is why we tailor your Health and Safety training to your business’s needs. We need to take into account tasks undertaken, current culture, the work space, and previous injuries to develop a package of care for your business. These will help you reach the health and safety goals.

All our training packages take into account the unique nature of your business. We recommend to get the most out of the time we spend in your business you need a work place task analysis as your first step.

Work Place and Task Analysis:

This is done onsite, with the time varying depending on your business and staff numbers. The review includes an observation of tasks, assesses injury risk taking into consideration load, environment, people, task and management. A formal review is completed and recommendations on applications on safe handling principles to your work place tasks are provided.

Group Health and Safety Education:

This is usually done on site and is an hour long session with 10-12 employees. We cover general principles on how to lift, carry and handle loads, what employees need to be aware of, and practical examples of how to reduce risk of injury and unload tension prone regions. We can tailor these sessions to specific tasks relevant to your industry. This has a more practical component giving your staff the self-help tools to be able to minimise injury and prevent those niggles becoming chronic problems.